Eucomis and Galtonia Gallery

Eucomis (Pineapple Lily)

Eucomis autumnalis ‘White Dwarf’

Eucomis autumnalis subsp. autumnalis  close-up  leaves

Eucomis autumnalis subsp. amaryllidifolia JCA3230050 (leaves)   flower

Eucomis autumnalis subsp. clavata – in leaf

Eucomis bicolor   flowers   leaf base

Eucomis bicolor JCA 3230200   flower

Eucomis bicolor (heavily purple edged form)   flowers

Eucomis bicolor (red marked form)   flowers

Eucomis bicolor (reduced crown form)   top view

Eucomis bicolor ‘Alba’    flowers   spike

Eucomis bicolor in flower at The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum 2004

Eucomis comosa(1)   flowers   leaf base

Eucomis comosa(2) ex. GP  flower

Eucomis comosa (pale form)   flowers

Eucomis comosa var. striata   flowers   leaf base

Eucomis comosa var. striata  flower  leaf base

Eucomis comosa ‘Cornwood’   flowers   leaf base

Eucomis comosa ‘Dark Hybrid’   leaf base

Eucomis comosa ‘First Red’   flowers   in leaf

Eucomis comosa ‘Roze Selectie’ syn. ‘Rose Selection’   flowers   in leaf

Eucomis comosa ‘Skagit Pink’ (syn. E. c. ‘Pink’)   flowers   spikes

Eucomis humilis

Eucomis montana   flower close-up   plants

Eucomis montana JCA 3230510 – in leaf   leaf base

Eucomis pole-evansii   flowers 1   flowers 2

Eucomis pole-evansii (striated hybrid)   flowers   flower   leaf base

Eucomis schijffii ex. Sentinel Peak, SA. – in leaf   post-flowering

Eucomis vandermerwei ex. Charles Craib   flowers   crown

Eucomis vandermerwei ex. seed from Johannesburg B.G.   flowers and foliage

Eucomis vandermerwei ‘Octopus’ NEW IMAGE 2009 !

Eucomis vandermerwei x autumnalis   flowers – by Mark Wash NEW IMAGE !

Eucomis vandermerwei x comosa – by Mark Wash NEW IMAGE 2009 !

Eucomis zambesiaca

Eucomis ‘African Bride’   flowers 1   flowers 2

Eucomis ‘Cabernet Candles’ NEW IMAGE 2009 !

Eucomis ‘Dark Hybrid’ – in leaf – Australian Hybrid

Eucomis ‘Frank Lawley’ – in leaf   flower

Eucomis ‘John Huxtable’   flower

Eucomis ‘John Treasure’   flowers

Eucomis ‘Joy’s Purple’   flower

Eucomis ‘Joy’s White’ NEW IMAGE 2009 !

Eucomis ‘Leia’   flowers – at Trecanna Nursery NEW IMAGE 2009 !

Eucomis ‘Oakhurst’ (leaves)

Eucomis ‘Pink Gin’   flower

Eucomis ‘Pink Sensation’  flower  leaf – Australian Hybrid

Eucomis ‘Royal Burgundy’   flowers   flower   crown

Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’  flower  ageing flower  in leaf

Eucomis ‘Sparkling Rosie’   flowers close-up

Eucomis ‘Swazi Pride’   flowers   spikes

Eucomis ‘Zeal Bronze’   flower   ageing flowers   flowers

Eucomis sp. ex. Mark Fillan   flowers

Eucomis ‘Showtime’ ex. NE Group NCCPG, from New Zealand seed   flower

Eucomis Pollinators

Eucomis bicolor with Jersey Tiger moth

Eucomis pole-evansii (striated hybrid) with tortoiseshell butterfly

Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ with wasp

Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ with fly

Eucomis ‘Frank Lawley’ with hoverfly

Also See – Eucomis Notes for general information, and Eucomis ‘Plant Notes’

for information collected on plant height and flower colour.

Galtonia (Summer Hyacinth)

Please note all Galtonia are prone to slug and snail attack

Galtonia candicans   flower   flower (side view)

Galtonia princeps   flower   (flower side view)

Galtonia regalis   flower   flower (side view)

Galtonia viridiflora   flower   flower (side view)

Galtonia viridiflora G+L172

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